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World Wide Highland Brigade-1815


Open to any geographic area.
The 93rd has members TX, OK, LA, IN, CA, GA, & MD. There is the auxiliary/support group for those wishing to participate & help but cannot put together a full historic impression.
Our members come from all walks of life. Members include doctors, engineers, lawyers, geologists, teachers, historians, artists, tailors, and also currently serving or ex-service personnel of the United States Armed Forces.

For more information on joining the 93rd SHRoFLHU, please fill out the information needed below and submit to our HQ's address listed.

Send your name, email address, age, gender, country, state, and city you live in, and what part of the 93rd SHRoFLHU you wish to participate in, to the email address below.


(NOTE - You will have to remove the term "nojunk" from the email address!)

***HQ of the 93rd SHRoFLHU is currently located in the Los Angeles, CA area.
Persons interested in joining the California section of the 93rd please contact us!
Membership continues to be nationwide! ***

Structure of the 93rd SHRoFLHU is based on that of a British Regiment. Rank and promotions follow guidelines based on proven precepts of similar organizations around the world. Holding rank is based on a specific job to be done rather than pomp. Just as it is unauthentic for all to wear stripes or epaulettes, it is also just as inaccurate for everyone to be Other Ranks (enlisted).
As even the foe Napoleon said, "It is very difficult for a nation to create an army when it has not already a body of officers and N.C.O.s to serve as a nucleus, and a system of military organisation."

Our Commanding Officer holds the rank of "Colonel" due to years of work not only in the 93rd (he founded the Unit as a private!) but also on an international basis within the Napoleonic Association, Crown Forces North America, & the Worldwide Highland Brigade. Said "rank" was a promotion given by those in higher authority in these organizations, rather than any personal whim of "what to wear".(Click here for promotion announcement.)

Likewise, other 93rd officers and NCO's have earned their commission or stripes through hard work & participation, along with the Unit's need of certain jobs in overseeing a certain number of men. All medals and awards in the 93rd SHRoFLHU must also be "earned" by the individual members.

A Federally registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit historical organization, the Unit is an all volunteer organization & all members may have input into the Unit though final decisions come from HQ. FUN is the ultimate goal of any hobby.

The Unit strives for as accurate & authentic a portrayal as possible. Required uniform materials, Regimental buttons & badges are available. The NEW RECRUIT PACKET contains Dress Regulations, list of supply sources, construction methods, Drill Manual, brief history, and The General And Standing Orders of the Unit. Supplemental information is published online or by email. Temporary exceptions to gear are permitted for a brief period to ease the burden on a new member; for example, a Charleville musket might be allowed until a Brown Bess is obtained.

Soldiers are most needed. Accurate portrayals of other types are also sought: Surgeons, Chaplain, Musicians (Drummers & Pipers especially), Soldiers' Wives & other such civilian followers of the camp.

"When you were told to 'put your backside into it', private, that was not what the sergeant meant!"
A bit of father/son repair work during the 1997 Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games.

The Unit often participates at various Scottish Festivals and Highland Games, setting up displays and conducting demonstrations and seminars to educate the public on the 93rd & life as a British Highland soldier in the 19th century.

The 93rd SHRoFLHU, Inc. was founded in January 1989. One does not have to be Scottish to participate. Our Commanding Officer commanded the British Highland Brigade at the 175th, 180th, & 190th Anniversary Reenactments in 1990, 1995, & 2005 of the BATTLE OF WATERLOO in Belgium, is the Commander of the Worldwide Scottish & Highland Brigade-1815, and has served as Overall British Commander at several events including Mississinewa-1812, and Fort Erie, Canada. The Unit served as a Guard of Honour for Queen Elizabeth II on the Royal Texas Visit in 1991. The Unit has received letters of appreciation from The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, The Clan Sutherland Societies of North America & Scotland, and Her Majesty The Queen (Colonel-In-Chief of the A & S H). �2005


This is a basic list of what one will need to portray a soldier of the 93rd.
  • 1. Brown Bess Musket, Flashguard, Frizzen Cover, White Leather Sling, Musket Tool.
  • 2. Bess Bayonet, Scabbard, White Leather Sling, Regimental Belt Plate.
  • 3. Black Leather Cartridge Box, White Leather Sling.
  • 4. Bar-Link Whisk and Pick.
  • 5. Trotter Knapsack, Grey Wool Blanket.
  • 6. Canteen; Wooden, round, painted blue, Brown Leather Sling.
  • 7. White Cotton Haversack.
  • 8. Black Leather Neckstock.
  • 9. White Cotton Shirt; pullover period style.
  • 10. Black Canvas Spats (gaiters).
  • 11. Buckle Shoes; black leather, Brass Buckles.
  • 12. Jacket: Brick red wool, yellow facings, regimental lace & buttons.
  • 13. Kilt: government sett (black watch) tartan
    . Sporran: Regimental pattern.
  • 14. Trews: (New Orleans Campaign & Undress) Government Tartan.
  • 15. Kilt Hose: Red & white diced, red ribbon garters.
  • 16. Bonnet: Feather; red & white dicing only. Red & White Hackle. Black ostrich plumes curled over, Black Cockade, Regimental Badge, BLack Oilcloth Cover.
    Hummel Bonnet: (Undress & New Orleans) above with no feathers, hackle, cockade or badge.
  • 17. "D" Shaped Sectional Mess Tin, Black Oilcloth Cover.
  • 18. Optional but recommended: greatcoat, waistcoat, personal items, tent, camp gear.


  • 1. 1853 Enfield Musket, White Leather Sling. Enfield bayonet, scabbard, frog, white leather waist belt, regimental buckle.
  • 2. White Leather Cap Pouch. Black leather Expense Pouch.
  • 3. White Canvas Spats (gaiters), bone buttons.
  • 4. Jacket/Doublet: Style as per period. Brick red wool, regimental buttons. Mutiny: Includes brown dust jacket of holland cloth, regimental buttons & numbers.
  • 5. Bonnet: Feather: "modern" style; red & white dicing only, white hackle feather, regimental bonnet badge.
    Glengarry: (undress) Red & white dicing only, regimental cap badge.
  • 6. Gum Blanket.
copyright 2005